Pre-Employment Screening

Recruit with conviction – The aim of pre-employment screening is to obtain information about the applicant to make an informed decision.

Pre-employment screening is an important part of mitigating risks during the recruitment process. By creating a package of checks relevant to the needs of your business, you can make an informed decision. Developing an optimal package to suit the needs of your business, you are guaranteed assurance in your future hire.



Recommended Checks Include:

  • Employment History Verification
  • Identity Verification
  • Right to Work
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Open-source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Employment References
  • Financial Checks (Credit Checks)
  • FCA Regulated Checks
  • DVLA Checks

Baseline Personnel Security Standard

A Baseline Personnel Security Standard, mostly known as a BPSS is a government framework for screening. The BPSS includes:

  • Right to Work
  • Identification verification
  • Criminal Record check
  • Employment history check

This is a legal requirement for all UK civil servants, members of the Armed Forces and any employees or contractors working with or for the Government. The BPSS screening includes a strong basis of background checks, meaning it is a reputable standard used to provide assurance of individual’s trustworthiness.

You will have full reassurance your BPSS screening will be carried out to the highest quality with Agenda, as one of only two businesses listed in the Government Baseline Personnel Security Standard.




BS7858 is a British Standard Institution (BSI) recommended screening standard for individuals who are to be employed in a security environment.

It is important to complete the BS7858 screening where the security and/or safety of people, goods and services, personal data, or property, is a requirement of the employing organisation.

You can be confident that you will be provided with full compliance. Similarly, you are guaranteed a consistent standard as Agenda keeps fully abreast of changes to the regulations, providing you with an up to date, quality service.



Criminal Record Checks (DBS)

A Criminal Record Check is a record of someone’s criminal convictions and cautions. Knowing an individual’s criminal background, is a key component to ensuring your risks are mitigated when making hiring decisions.

These include DBS Checks in England and Wales, Disclosure Scotland in Scotland and Access NI in Northern Ireland. International Criminal Record checks can be carried out in over 200 countries.  

Currently there are three types of DBS Checks available:

  • Basic DBS Check
  • Standard DBS Check
  • Enhanced DBS Check

Enhanced DBS checks are essential for people working with children and vulnerable people, whilst a Standard and Basic are recognised as an important measure in background screening.

You will receive a quick and straight forward service for DBS Checks, as Agenda have a direct integration and are an umbrella body of the Disclosure Barring Service.




SM&CR, also known as the Senior Managers and Certification Regime, relates to firms that are authorised by the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA). Any Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated business has a duty to ensure appropriate pre-employment screening and annual re-screening checks to ensure that their staff are deemed “fit and proper”.

The SMCR framework in place gives your clients, customers, and staff confidence that FCA requirements have been met and that your senior employees are acting in the best interests for the business and its clients. Using Agenda, you are guaranteed a comprehensive service for your fitness and propriety screening due to our market leading experience in financial and FCA regulated background screening.



Animal Rights Connection (ARC) Check

ARC Checks, also known as Animal Rights Connections Checks, identify people with connections to Animal Rights Activism. ARC Checks provide you with a search of our comprehensive database, featuring links to Animal Right groups, signature of petitions and online history.

Our innovative check includes illegal activities such as public order offences and  engagement with Animal Rights activities. With over 25 years working in Life Science and Research Industries, our team have the expertise and experience to help spot and prevent animal rights activism, including Insider Threat. Use Agenda’s experience and advanced checking service to screen your staff, providing reassurance that your facility, your business and your industry are safe.


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