Agenda’s finance screening packages enable your company to be fully compliant with the FCA requirements. This determines if your candidate is fit and properly qualified for the role they are applying for. You can design a package to fully assess your candidate’s suitability for the role analysing the honesty, integrity, reputation, competence, capability, and financial soundness.

Whether you need to meet your needs for internal governance, meet risk mitigation requirements or work within the senior manager regime, Agenda can provide a financial screening package for you.



Within the Pharmaceutical industry, there is a real threat that employing the wrong candidate could lead to serious and costly problems. Main issues include leaked research, competitor espionage and activist infiltration. Therefore, it is important you mitigate your business’ risks, by selecting the best pharmaceutical pre-employment screening solution.

You need to secure your business by screening your employees to reduce the risks. This includes every employee including prospective employees based either within the research laboratories, within the office or out in the field (sales representatives). You will be provided with flexible screening solutions can be tailored to suit the position you are recruiting. Each package will be tailored with different levels of detail. The more senior the role, the more in-depth the check you may wish to complete.



Ensuring your workforce is competent with the skills required is vital, due to the fact utility and energy companies are supporting the critical national infrastructure. Therefore, it is important to ensure the reliability of the services you deliver.

The introduction of the Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018 (NIS) in the UK, introduces the possibility of maximum 17 million fines. This regulation highlights that Personnel security and Information security are just as important as physical controls and pre-employment screening should be part of a holistic approach to security.



In highly regulated sectors such as Legal & Accountancy, the integrity of your business is of the utmost importance. Fraudulent representation in this sector can have a devastating impact on your reputation and business. It is therefore essential to ensure that your candidate is who they say they are and genuinely holds the professional qualifications required.

Detailed pre-employment screening specific to the Legal & Accountancy sectors allows you to operate within strict regulatory standards and can give you the assurance that comes with knowing you have recruited the right person, whether it is trainees, support teams, legal secretaries, partners, qualified solicitors, lawyers, barristers etc.



Given the cyber threat that exists in every facet of business, it is vital that you carry out a comprehensive background checks for all employees or contractors in the technology industry. As an I.T. and Telecoms provider, you are working with a client’s data, so it is crucial that you mitigate any risks that could impact the future of your business if you hired a negligent, dishonest, or unlawful employee. Carrying out an IT Background Screening, you can find out find out the data you need to decide what impact an employee is going to have on your business.

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