What Questions Should You Ask References?

Pre-employment screening is an amazing opportunity to ensure that a successful candidate is the person they claim to be. It also starts your new business relationship on the right foot by understanding more about your candidates and easing the onboarding process for both parties.

Most employment checks are legal requirements or basic statements such as the dates they worked and their job title. Here are some questions you can ask references which will allow you to make more informed decisions.


What Were Their Greatest Strengths?

Pre-Employment Screening tends to focus on seeking out negative traits. This is understandable, as an employer has already decided they like the candidate and they are checking for red flags that could hinder their role in the business.

However, asking about their greatest strengths and situations where they went above and beyond can paint a clearer picture of how their skills and abilities manifest in practice.


What Management Style Do They Thrive In?

Management styles can be the key to success. Working out which style works for your employees is important to a successful onboarding process.

One example of the impact of management styles is seen in sports teams. When a star player leaves a team structure or system that they did very well in, they may have moved to one that was wholly unsuitable for their skillset, affecting their ability. Ultimately, with the right management approach, candidates should be able to thrive and help the growth of your business.

Some employees not only thrive independently but require a largely autonomous approach to produce their best work, but others are much stronger team players that benefit from more guidance. Knowing how your candidate works early allows you to set them up for success.


Would They Hire Them Back Given The Chance?

Of all the questions you could ask an HR department, this one might have the lowest chance of getting a full answer. At the same time however, it is the most telling of the employee’s time there and the circumstances of their exit.

Of course, bear in mind that the question can say as much about the former employer as it does about the candidate.

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