What Are The Objectives Of The BS7858 Standard?

The British Standards Institution (BSI) introduced the BS7858 to provide a code of best practice and guidelines for the security screening of prospective employees in secure and sensitive environments. It was introduced in 2013 and updated in 2019, and is now widely regarded as the gold standard of screening across a variety of sectors.


What is the purpose of the BS7858?

The aim of the standard is to gather sufficient information about the prospective employee, to allow the company to make an informed decision about their suitability to work in a secure environment. It is not a legally binding requirement, but it is regarded as best practice and is often a condition of insurance policies.

The standard exists to protect the company, its assets, staff, and reputation, and also the wider public who may be put at risk from security breaches. It will check for signs of identity fraud and faked documents, and faked employment history, which otherwise could lead to an inappropriate person being employed for the role.

The screening is also designed to reveal records of criminal or terrorist activity, bribery and corruption, malpractice, and modern slavery.


How is the BS7858 screening carried out?

The screening is a thorough process, inclusive of DBS checks, 5-year employment history verification, identity checks, right to work in the UK checks, personal credit history and County Court judgement checks, sanctions checks, photo ID checks, and social media and educational background checks.


Why do companies use third-party screening services?

Because of the considerable administrative workload of carrying out BS7858 screening, many companies use a professional third-party service, such as Agenda Screening Services. This saves a great deal of time and effort and ensures that the checks are fully compliant with the latest regulations, and are completed in a timely fashion.


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