The Updated BS7858 Standard

The BS7858:2012 pre-employment screening standard, widely used in the UK security industry, is being phased out and replaced with BS7858:2019, which came into effect on the 30th September 2019. The 2012 version will be formally withdrawn as a standard, on the 31st March 2020.

The scope of the standard has been widened to allow it to be used effectively in industries and sectors outside of the security sector, so it can apply to anyone undertaking work in a secure environment. There is more emphasis on risk assessment and more importance placed on the role of top management in the screening process, to ensure it is effective and for taking responsibility for the acceptance of risk.

The requirement for obtaining character references has been removed, as it was seen to be too easily exploited and the addition of a sanctions/global watchlist check has been introduced to cross-reference the individual against various sanction and fraud databases.

Below is a summary of the checks and the changes;


  • Identity Check
  • Right to Work in the UK Check
  • Address Confirmation (Current) – changed from 5 years to current
  • Employment/Activity Confirmation (5 Years)
  • Employment GAP Analysis Check
  • Sanctions Check– this option has been added
  • UK Basic Criminal Record Check (If no SIA licence)
  • Personal Credit History
  • Personal Referee – removed
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