The Importance Of Security Vetting At Work

If you work in sectors that involve access to sensitive sites, security, cybersecurity or information technology, you may end up receiving or being exposed to information that must be kept secret.

In these particular roles, trust is vital, and there are several ways in which specialist background screening companies like Agenda can help to ensure that employees are suitable and trustworthy enough to be placed in these types of roles.

One of the tools available is the Baseline Personal Security Standard (BPSS) screening level, which is an official standard that, along with other screening and reference check services, can provide a true picture  of a prospective employee’s suitability.For anyone who will be going on to work in very sensitive environments, the relevant authority may also require them to go through the higher level security vetting of counter terrorism clearance (CTC), security clearance (SC) or developed vetting (DV).

Who Requires A BPSS Check?

The BPSS check is primarily concerned with matters of national security, so any person who is working with government access needs a BPSS.

Whilst it is clear that this involves anyone who works in government positions such as civil servants, armed forces members and any temp staff, this also involves any company that has a government contract, including private security, engineers, maintenance and developers.

This is important, as BPSS clearance may allow access to secret information, some of which may be important to national security. As well as this, it may allow access to the UK Public Services Network.

What Does A BPSS Check Look For?

The BPSS confirms several baseline facts, such as an employee’s identity, the last three years of their employment history, as well as any gaps in their employment.

Along with this, an employee’s right to work status is confirmed, from citizenship to immigration status, as well as whether they have any unspent criminal convictions.

Finally, if the employee has spent any significant time abroad (six months in the previous three years), they will need to explain the reasons and  evidence of any trips.

Agenda are one of only two organisations named in the Government Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), the application of which underpins national security vetting. To find out more about how we can help you with your BPSS checks, get in touch with our team today!

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