The importance of background checks

It has been widely reported within the media recently that many companies are being fined by the Home Office for the employment of illegal workers.

There has been an enormous crack down on this in the UK in recent months and this has many businesses losing out on a lot of money due to costly fines for not properly conducting background checks on their staff.

In the last week there have been two reports of these types of crimes in the United Kingdom. In Scotland it was reported this week that several businesses have been caught out due to not properly carrying out background checks on their employees. Two ‘Newsplus’ stores were found to have illegally employed staff at two separate stores. Whilst in the same day there was also a restaurant in the centre of Glasgow that was found to have two illegal immigrants working in their premise. Click here to read this story in full.

There have also been two arrests made in Bangor, Wales, where a man was arrested who was working illegally in a Chinese restaurant. The same day there was a 52 year old woman arrested at a house in the city. Both of these people are being held whilst steps are taken to remove them from living in the country. Click here to read the story in full.

Each business that is found to be employing illegal workers is facing fines of up to £20,000 per member of staff if they are unable to prove that they have conducted proper background checks for each individual employee.

These are only small businesses so you can imagine the severe detrimental effect that this would have on these companies.

As a screening company these recent reports present even more ammunition as to why companies should do full employment background checks before they take on any new members of staff.

Companies can easily avoid these fines and possible imprisonment by conducting Right to Work checks on their prospective employees. By conducting the correct checks companies are protecting their business investments as well as their assets and reputation.

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