Solving The Dentistry Recruitment Crisis One DBS Check at A Time

Finding the right candidate for the job can often be easier said than done – especially if you suddenly find a real dearth of applicants. This seems to be a particular problem for the dentistry sector at the moment. Brexit and the pandemic have converged to cause all sorts of issues for practices around the UK.

Part of the problem is that, because of our exit from the EU, dentists from overseas now need to have a visa and comply with the points-based immigration system. Employers will now have to take on sponsorship arrangements based on employment contracts, which will come with associated costs involved.

Of course, there’s the global pandemic, which has piled on the pressure already being felt by Brexit. Overseas dentists often have to travel between the UK and their home countries, but because of lockdowns and travel restrictions, this has been largely impossible over the last 18 months or so.

Certain examinations need to be taken in order for overseas dentists to work in the UK, but these were paused last year, which has led to a backlog of practitioners looking for jobs over here.

And, because of the covid crisis, job vacancies are also now at record highs and there aren’t enough candidates to go around – which is why it’s so important to make sure that, when you do hire someone, you know they’re the right person for the job.

There’s nothing more frustrating than going through the recruitment process only to find that the person you’ve hired isn’t qualified, they’ve falsified their CVs or they have a dubious criminal history that you should know about.

This is where background screening can really come into its own, informing you of all you need to know about candidates before hiring them. Pre-Employment Screening makes the process far more efficient and successful, offering you full assurance that you are making the correct hiring decision.


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