Screening from the company that cares

Here at Agenda we pride ourselves on being a highly caring company – we try extremely hard to make our own staff feel as comfortable as possible within their working environment – this is one of the reasons that we have a ‘Great Place to Work’ scheme in place within our offices.

Our Screening team live by the words ‘We Check, We Screen, We Care’, to us Screening isn’t just a job – we know the damage that employing the wrong candidate can do to a business and we want to protect your business from any threats that hiring the wrong person can pose, as well as protecting your business’ reputation.

The fact that as a business we strive to be ethically, morally and legally sound is one of the reasons that we aim to provide our external customers with as much care and attention as we would if we were providing the services for people within our own company.

Agenda Screening Services provide a range of pre-employment services and support initiatives, designed to help our customers win the battle against the enemy within, before, rather than after they have been compromised. Agenda Screening Services offer a wide range of services – having this amount of options for your company’s screening means that we are able to put together a screening package that is adapted specifically for your businesses’ specific needs. This means that we are able to help businesses of all sizes and stages of growth.

Our company currently provides Screening services worldwide, meaning that we are the market-leading provider of pre-employment and background screening. There are many benefits of screening your prospective employees but one big one for your company is that allowing us to do all of your employee background checks means that it can take a lot of the stress out of hiring somebody new.

According to a report made by the Oxford Economics in 2014 the full cost of replacing a staff member is £30,614. When you take into account the time spent interviewing, the advertising costs, as well as the amount of training it takes to get the new staff up to full working capacity, it is clear to see why the total is so high. Read a full round up of the information given in the report here. When you look at the amount of money that your company could be spending just on taking on a new member of staff – can you really afford to get it wrong the first time and then have to repeat the process? Conducting background checks on new members of staff helps to reduce this unnecessary staff turnover.

As well as striving to protect our clients’ businesses by conducting these background checks on prospective employees we also really care about your candidates. We understand that candidates undergoing a pre-employment screening for the first time may be concerned or worried about submitting their personal information. As a company we look after and protect any candidate’s details that are submitted – our processes are designed to make the candidate feel comfortable and confident in our ability to take good care of their personal information. Candidates also have access to our dedicated screening team every step of the way meaning that they can quickly get advice and reassurance regarding anything they may need or have concerns about.

Agenda are market leaders in pre-employment screening services, therefore contact our team today on 08456 44 55 46 or by email to ensure you are conducting the right checks on your future employees.

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