Rapid RTW checks and Online verifications

Given the news that over 50,000 new jobs will be will be created in the coming weeks to help the country deal with the coronavirus pandemic, with the workforce set to be increased in healthcare, food production and distribution companies, it is vital to enhance the screening process speed up applications and to ensure compliance.

All applicants working within the NHS will have to undergo criminal record background checks,

Earlier this month (March), it was reported by the Guardian, via Nursing Times, that criminal record checks on former social care workers now considering coming back to practice could be relaxed and staff redeployed to places where the impact of the pandemic is more severe.

The Department of Health and Social Care asked whether background checks could impede emergency care plans. People who have either retired or recently left work and whose background checks could have subsequently expired could be allowed back to work during the outbreak without having to wait weeks for approval.

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