How To Improve Employee Wellbeing

The last year or so has been incredibly difficult for us all, for a wide range of different reasons, and the impact of the pandemic is sure to be felt for some time to come – so it’s essential that employers of all shapes and sizes bear this in mind and implement policies and measures to protect the health and wellbeing of all their members of staff.

The encouraging news is that this appears to be a top priority for businesses, with new research revealing that by the end of 2020, HR leaders cited employee health and wellbeing as their biggest concern, HR News reports.

It was found that the top three HR initiatives for this year are mental health (73 per cent), health and wellbeing (68 per cent) and flexible working (60 per cent)… but how do you best go about protecting the health and wellbeing of your employees? Here are a few ideas to help you offer the support your staff needs.

Embrace biophilia

One of the top interior design trends over the last few months is biophilia – with a serious surge in nature-focused decorating being seen during the pandemic. Studies show that plants can really improve mental health in the workplace, reducing stress and anxiety… and even boosting productivity!

Outdoor meetings

Thanks to technology, we can work anywhere – as the pandemic proved – so why not start encouraging your employees to head outside for meetings in the fresh air?

We’re no longer chained to our office desks and it’s prime time to take advantage of this, not to mention that this is also an excellent chance to show your team that you trust them and value the work they do.


Team-building days and activities that involve volunteering work can be especially beneficial. It will give your staff members a chance to bond and work together in a different way, as well as gaining confidence, making a difference, meeting new people and feeling as though they’re part of their local community.

Encourage mindfulness awareness

Mindfulness involves taking the time to be present in the moment, through the likes of guided meditation, breathing exercises and so on. The practice can be done anywhere and can be incredibly beneficial for stress and anxiety reduction.

Of course, these are just a few little hints and tips to help you really make employee wellbeing a top priority for your organisation but it’s a great place to begin and you’re sure to start reaping the benefits yourself from a business perspective.

Benefits of making wellbeing at work a top priority include a more committed and loyal workforce, better staff retention and greater opportunities to attract the top talent in your field.

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