How To Create A Stress-Free Return To The Office

The government has suggested that the work-from-home guidance will be scrapped from 21 June, and bosses calling for employees to return to the workplace may have many people feeling stressed about the prospect of returning to the office.

Whether it’s the commute, trying to squeeze into work-appropriate clothes (goodbye, comfy loungewear), or the thought of dealing with everyone face-to-face again, you would not be the only one with a fear of returning to the office.

We have some tips on how to manage stress as we slowly go back to the office, whether that’s full time, part-time or when employees are ready.

Be prepared and speak to your employer

Speak with your employer and ensure that you have a solid understanding of the COVID-secure guidelines, such as face coverings and social distancing, and what you must do to stay safe in the workplace. Raise any concerns you may have with the guidelines.

Take care of yourself

After a year of anxiety and stress, we must take care and look after ourselves. Take steps to prepare your mind and body for the return to work by adjusting your sleeping and eating patterns to what they would be like if you were already back in the office to ease the transition.

Speak up!

If you feel like you are not coping with stress, anxiety or any other mental health issues, it is important to speak out about it.

Whether it is just a conversation with a friend or colleague, or speaking with a health professional, speaking up can help you get the assistance you need to be your best self.

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