Home Office’s tougher stance on illegal workers begins as NI companies face a £20,000

Following on from the announcement by the Home Office of a more rigorous approach to tackle the problem of illegal workers, their officers visited two ‘takeaway’ premises in Northern Ireland and spoke with persons believed to be working illegally.

As a result, one person is now on reporting requirements whilst his case is progressed and another is in detention pending their removal from the UK.

The two respective businesses have been told that they can expect a civil penalty of up to £20,000

A spokesperson for the Scotland and Northern Ireland Home Office Immigration Enforcement Team, said: “As these operations show, we are working hard to arrest and remove those who abuse the UK’s immigration system.

“There are simple checks employers can carry out to ensure their employees have the right to work in the UK.”

“Those who choose to ignore the rules will face the consequences.

Les Greensides, Screening Manager for Agenda Screening Services, said “this is further evidence of the Government’s tougher stance on the issue of illegal workers, and their pro-active approach to prosecute those who do not abide by the Right to Work requirements.

These two businesses now face significant financial and reputational damage, which could easily have been avoided by carrying out a robust Right to Work check for a fraction of the potential fine they now face.”

Agenda Screening Services are experts in carrying out Right to Work checks and can offer advice to those unsure of the requirements. For further information, please call 08456 445546 or contact them at screening@agenda-screening.co.uk

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