GMC To Introduce New Skills Test For Doctors

The General Medical Council (GMC) has announced that it will introduce a new skills assessment for both UK and overseas medical graduates who want to practice in the UK.

Pulse Today reported on the changes to recruitment, which will see the new Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) replace the current Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) from 2023.

It means that all medical graduates, regardless of which country they come from, will have to undertake the same test before they are able to join the medical register.

The news provider explained that the MLA will comprise of two elements: a knowledge test and a clinical and professional skills assessment. The former will be an online test with multiple choice questions. The aim is to assess how well a candidate applies medical knowledge to different scenarios.

The clinical and professional skills assessment will be practical in nature and although the GMC will set out minimum requirements, medical schools will design and deliver their own practical assessments.

A GMC spokesperson commented: “The MLA will provide assurance that new joiners to the medical register meet a common threshold for safe practice before we grant them registration with a licence to practice.”

They added that the MLA will make the current system “simpler, fairer and even stronger”. One of the aims is to ensure that the international recruitment of doctors is as smooth as possible.

Workplace Insight recently shared figures from, which revealed that the number of vacancies in healthcare and nursing have increased by 17 per cent in the past year, with over 81,000 unfilled positions now advertised in this sector.

As well as carrying out the necessary skills assessments, healthcare organisations may also want to work with a reference check company to make the process of assessing candidates even easier.

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