DBS Launches Consultation On Health And Social Care References

The UK’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has launched a consultation – which Agenda are participating in – about safer recruitment practices within the health and social care sector in the country.

One specific area of focus is referencing and background checks for employees working in the health and social care sector, which DBS described as an “essential part of safe and fair recruitment”.

However, it also acknowledged that obtaining such references can be challenging, while many companies in the sector are also unsure about how best to provide references for former employees, with some simply refusing to do so.

As part of its consultation, DBS will not only explore the challenges to obtaining references in this sector, but also ask those participating to share any suggestions of how to improve the referencing process within health and social care.

Dr Sue Smith, executive director of barring and safeguarding, said that, working with a number of partners, the organisation will “develop these resources and workshops so we can provide employers with the tools they need to support them during recruitment and ongoing employment”.

As an article for Homecare Insight recently noted, high staff turnover is a significant challenge for organisations operating within the social care industry in the UK.

The news provider revealed that a 2018/19 report by Skill for Care estimated that there was a turnover rate of 32.2 per cent among social care staff in England alone, putting a significant financial burden on organisations operating in this area, not to mention making recruitment and retention highly challenging.

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