46% Of Employees Have Considered Leaving Jobs In The Past Year

HR Review reports on a new survey by software giant Microsoft, which reveals that nearly half of the global workforce have considered leaving their employment this year. The article warns that employers will need to take measures to avoid losing valued members of staff, as workplaces adjust to the post-Covid environment.

The survey questioned more than 30,000 people from 31 different countries about their working experiences over the past 12 months.

The study found that almost three quarters (73%) of employees want flexible or remote working options to remain in place, even after restrictions are lifted. However, there was also a strong desire to stay connected to colleagues, with more than two thirds (67%) saying they wanted more chance to interact in person.

The survey discovered that those who had suffered least from lockdown measures were older males who were already well established in their careers. Working mothers, who have often had to juggle childcare and their career, have fared less well, with 54% reporting difficulties.

Other struggling groups include generation Z (16-24-year olds), who may still be trying to establish a toehold on the career ladder, and are missing out on the onboarding, networking, and training experiences which are difficult to replicate over video screens. Some 60% of younger people reported negative thoughts towards their job roles.

Further issues identified by the survey include digital burnout from excessive screen time, overwork, exhaustion, and a poor work-life balance, which could be masked by high productivity.

Dr. Mary Donohue, Founder of The Digital Wellness Centre, advised that, to reduce risk of burnout, staff should “take a few minutes every day to have quiet”. This gives employees a break from “digital overload.”

The Microsoft report concluded that employers should address wellbeing amongst staff as a matter of priority. It recommends that businesses prepare for hybrid working conditions by ‘investing in space and technology to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.’ It also suggests that digital exhaustion should be tackled from the top.

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