38% of Brits admit to lying on their CV

In a survey conducted recently by the recruitment app ‘Job today’ 38% of British people have admitted to lying on their CVs – whether this be a small exaggeration or a huge, possibly business threatening lie remains to be seen but with 24% of British people having admitted to lying on this document on a regular basis this is definitely something that businesses need to be aware of when looking for their next employee. Men are reportedly more likely to be the culprits of these lies. 

This large percentage of people admitting to regularly lying on their CVs shows the enormous growth in the need for fully comprehensive background checks. With the extremely competitive arena that is now Britain’s job market people are becoming more and more tempted to bend the truth in order to stamp out their competition. The highest earners lie the most, with 44% saying their reason for lying is that they fear their competition when applying for jobs. These lies tend to be more of an exaggeration of what the candidates do in their spare time – everyone wants to sound a bit more interesting right? Reportedly candidates for higher earning jobs believe that their experience alone simply isn’t enough to bag them the job.

Most employers would never fully judge a candidate based solely on their CV, but this is definitely a way to get your foot in the door and get an interview for a position. Although a small exaggeration may not do too much damage to a company’s reputation, hiring the wrong candidate could have a huge detrimental effect on a business. According to a report by Experian as many as 15 per cent of applicants drop out when they are made aware that a thorough background check is used in the recruitment process.

Hiring a candidate that has lied about things such as their legal right to work in the UK could leave businesses with hefty fines. Due to a recent law made in 2008 200 firms have been prosecuted for employing illegal immigrants with employer fines amounting to more than £3.4m. Employers can be fined £20,000 per member of staff if they are unable to prove that they have conducted proper background checks for each individual employee.

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