10 Reasons to Conduct Checks on your Employees

Background Screening helps employers make safer and more informed recruitment decisions, and many organisations now have some form of background checking in place when hiring new staff members. Below are just some of the benefits of doing so:

Pin points any criminal background – with the ability to conduct Basic, Standard and Enhanced Criminal Record checks, screening can help indicate any relevant negative background to your job applicants.

Bespoke Screening Levels – allows checks to be tailored to the job role (ie DVLA checks for drivers, SIA Licence checks for security roles)

Provides a full picture of the applicant – thorough checks such as Internet Mining (OSINT) and Media Searches, screening can provide an all-round picture of the applicant, and can highlight their personality as well as their professional background.

Can expose dishonesty in people –an indication of honesty and trustworthiness can be gathered through screening in the form of taking references (both personal and professional), and conducting CV Analysis.

Can verify facts and point out anomalies – in addition to the above point, screening can also verify information and support those being honest.

Confirms Right to Work in the UK – Through not conducting pre-employment checks, you could face fines of up to £20,000 for employing illegal workers!

Required by Law for specific job roles – roles such as teaching, working in care homes, etc where people will be in day-to-day contact with children and/or venerable adults require a specific level of security, and therefore applicants may be asked to undergo Criminal Background Checks. To read more about DBS/Basic Criminal Checks, click here.

Keeps the workplace safe – as an employer conducting pre-employment screening, you will be able to make an informed decision with regards to each candidate as to whether they are a threat to your workplace and/or your existing employees.

Employers will not hire the ‘wrong’ people – hiring a new staff member is never a straight forward task, and in conducting screening you can ensure that your candidate is an honest, trustworthy and legal applicant. Through conducting pre-employment checks, you could avoid fines for illegal workers, high staff turnover costs, and disruption within the work place.

Provides employers with peace of mind – probably the most important point; you will know who you are hiring, and feel comfortable that you have made an informed and educated decision.

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